Here is a quick hypnosis session about weight and food. Enjoy it!

Food issues are deep, and life long habits are often from childhood. Getting to the core issues takes some work, and if you are struggling with being overweight you are probably ready.

The Zen of Thin is an excellent place to start. This hypnotherapy program for weight loss is made with deep therapy, fast changes in appetite and food choices, creates a desire to exercise and gets to the core of the deepest issues with food and overeating.
You  will also like my Think Thin program. It is a 7 day challenge to get you to totally change how you eat, with some really miraculous results.

See all of my weight release hypnotherapy programs here and start your Weight Loss with hypnosis today!

Here is a 4 minute fix for food cravings. You will feel stronger, and start to desire healthy foods. Use this anytime you have a few minutes and you want to lose the cravings for unhealthy foods.